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Our Mission


South Bay LGBTQ Center's mission is to create spaces where all LGBTQ+/Queer people can thrive though cultural awareness, community building, community service, and learning opportunities. We hope to foster greater inclusion as well as understanding of our LGBTQ+/Queer and other intersecting communities in the South Los Angeles and South Bay area.



Our History


The South Bay Lesbian and Gay Community Organization, Inc. came into existence during the second half of 1989 after a series of community meetings where need and interests were discussed. Various committees formed to implement a formal organization.

As the group searched for a facility, activities were planned in private homes, in rented public spaces, and even in the great outdoors. A newsletter was published soon after and was mailed to a large mailing list. That publication continued to print each month until the organization made the decision to go electronic in 2008.

By November 1989, a steering committee had created and filed the necessary paperwork with both state and federal agencies to incorporate the new organization as a non-profit educational organization. The granted “501(C)3” status allowed the organization to receive tax deductible donations. At the same time, an initial Board of Directors was formed and the first 'community home' opened its doors on Artesia Boulevard in the city of Redondo Beach.

Over the years, the organization's name has evolved to recognize the beautiful diversity within the community it serves.

The organization is currently located in the city of Torrance and is now known as the South Bay LGBTQ Center. 


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